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What To Expect On A Sunday Morning

NB regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and all physical meetings temporarily suspended. We anticipate what is advertised below will re-commence when the Coronavirus outbreak has passed and we are able to safely meet again.  See "Meetings/Venues" page for Zoom meetings during the COVID-19 period.

Our meeting will begin by praising and worshipping God, a vital element in our meetings. It will be led by a group using mainly modern songs. Different people praise and worship the Lord in different ways, some quietly, some loudly. We encourage people to be themselves during this time. We encourage members of the congregation to bring contributions, e.g. praise, prayers and Bible readings to help us all in our worship of God. We also expect the Holy Spirit to speak to us and so you may hear and see different gifts of the Holy Spirit e.g. prophecy, speaking in tongues (other God-given languages), interpretation of tongues, words of knowledge, wisdom, instruction etc.

The worship is followed by announcements and then one of our leaders will speak from the Bible on the Christian faith. We aim to make the talks as relevant as possible to our lives today. See the "Talks" page for recordings of sermons.  We often have a time of prayer ministry at the end of the talk. Once per month we will celebrate communion together - often followed by a time of open sharing by the whole congregation and a short talk. At the end of the meeting we have refreshments together. We encourage everyone to stop and have a chat so we can get to know each other better. Please see the links for Children and Youth for further information about them.

Please check the Meetings/Venues page to see what is taking place for each Sunday.

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