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Part of ChristCentral Churches (within Newfrontiers)

Firstly, click ChristCentral Churches for an overview of the vision and values of ChristCentral Churches (part of Newfrontiers).

We are an autonomous (or self-governing) church led by Giles Higgins, assisted by an eldership team.  However we have found great benefit in being part of this family of churches. We officially became a Newfrontiers church in October 2001.  In 2011, Newfrontiers multiplied into several Apostolic spheres/groups.  TCF became part of one of these groups - ChristCentral Churches, led by Jeremy Simpkins.

All ChristCentral/Newfrontiers churches have broadly similar Biblical values because of the ministry of Terry Virgo, who led Newfrontiers from the beginning until 2011. This has helped us to build the church according to New Testament principles. In particular we endeavour to keep the Word of God central and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Newfrontiers hosted some exceptionally good conferences, training programmes and mission opportunities, from which TCF members have received much blessing and strengthening. ChristCentral Churches continue in similar fashion.  More recently the main conferences that we have attended are Newday, Together @ North and Devoted.

We currently receive apostolic oversight from Terry Hotchkiss (based at Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury).  Our leadership is particularly helped by Terry's oversight.  We are one of 5 ChristCentral churches in Shropshire.  The other 4 churches in Shropshire are:

Barnabas Community Church (Shrewsbury)

Hope Church, Shrewsbury

The Beacon (Whitchurch)

Hope Community Church Admaston

We gladly relate and are in partnership with these other churches and increasingly with the ChristCentral churches.  We support and encourage each other in our mission to build strong local churches. We have been blessed and strengthened through participating in training, conferences and outreach, all held locally.  Also at different times, speakers from these other churches minister very effectively at TCF.

On a historic note: From 2005 until summer 2013, TCF was part of the Borderlands region within ChristCentral Churches/Newfrontiers.  We were very pleased to receive apostolic oversight from Martin Charlesworth (Barnabas) from 2005 until 2011 and from Nigel Lloyd (Gateway, Wrexham) from 2011 until 2013.  A highlight of this era was the Together @ Borderlands weekends.


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