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The History Of TCF

Beginnings up to 2006 -

The church was started in 1994 as a plant from an evangelical church in Bridgnorth. The church moved venue to a larger meeting room in the Phoenix School, Dawley, Telford. By the end of 1997, over 50 adults attended the Sunday meetings and the church became a registered charity no. 1067780.  In June 1999, David Simpkins took the overall lead role at the request of the leadership. David, with his wife, Maureen was sent and supported by Barnabas Community Church (a local Newfrontiers church) who had been giving support to the leadership of TCF. Some of the highlights of this era were:

1. TCF was officially adopted as a Newfrontiers church in October 2001. This was because our relationship with other Newfrontiers churches had significantly developed, particularly with Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury.

2. Relationship with other Telford churches established.

3. Stabilisation of attendance, running several Alpha courses and the church undertaking initiatives in serving our local community.

Since July 2006 -       

David Simpkins retired from leading TCF and Giles Higgins took over the leading of the church.  Since then, the following has taken place:

1. Establishing a clear vision and defining our values. We believe God has given us faith for the church to grow to 400+ worshipping adults. See our 'Vision' and 'What do we believe'.

2. We have progressively seen an increase in the work of the Holy Spirit over the last 10 years.  We have learned to structure our meetings around what the Holy Spirit is doing.   

3. We have established the teaching from the Word of God as a core aspect of our ministry.  We believe in expository Bible teaching, i.e. working through a book of the Bible from start to finish, tackling the harder content as well as the familiar.  We also teach on topical matters which are deemed relevant to the congregation and visitors at the time.  Furthermore we have introduced other important teaching into the church, for example the Freedom in Christ Discipleship course.

4. In March 2008 we became a member of the Evangelical Alliance. This was an important step as it shows we are part of the national evangelical movement and are in good relationship with other evangelical churches in Telford.  Telford Christian Fellowship has good links with STAC (South Telford Area Churches) as well as relating closely to other Newfrontiers churches in the region.  See point number 7 below regarding ChristCentral churches and Newfrontiers.

5. We have continued to reach our community and our friends for Jesus through running many Alpha courses and various initiatives in serving the local community.

6. On 21st April 2013 we moved our Sunday morning venue to Dawley House, having held our meetings at the Phoenix School for the previous 16 years.  We have been very blessed by God since this move and His Spirit has been working more noticeably and powerfully up to the present day.

7. From the summer of 2013, we have received apostolic oversight from Terry Hotchkiss (Barnabas Community Church).  We are one of 5 ChristCentral Churches (part of Newfrontiers) in Shropshire, overseen by Terry.

8. In September 2013 we launched our fortnightly Coffee mornings (Saturdays from 11.00am to 1.00pm).  We serve free tea, coffee and home-made cakes as well as providing simple activities for young children.  This has been a real blessing to us as we have met many from the local community.  The coffee mornings continue into 2017.

9. As at December 2016, our congregation size is about 35, which includes youth and children.  In the last few years we have said goodbye to some lovely people as God has called them to move on.  We do, however, enjoy God's presence as we meet as we have increasingly become more united as a church.  We have had the privilege of seeing a number of people healed of various conditions and others who have committed their lives to Jesus for the first time.  We also continue to enjoy new people visiting us.  Over the last 5 years, we have stepped up the prayer life of the church - and this continues to the present day.  We see that prayer combined with the unity of the church leads to an increase in the work of the Holy Spirit.  As part of the work of the Holy Spirit, we have recently determined to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ at each of our Sunday meetings.

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